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Cannabis B2B, B2C E-commerce

CBX® is Developing a Unique Enterprise Cannabis B2B E-Commerce Platform Offering Integrated Software Solutions to Brands, Growers, Distributors, Wholesalers & Marijuana Dispensaries & Retailers.



As the cannabis industry continues to grow into new jurisdictions, we are seeing legalization of recreational & medical cannabis in US, Canada & Worldwide. People are no longer buying cannabis in parking lots, they’re buying it in dispensaries & in online stores.Cannabis E-Commerce Software

For cannabis brands, growers, CBD distributors, dispensaries & retail companies hoping to make their mark in the industry, setting up their own B2C e-commerce shop is the best way to gain visibility online and get more customers to their website.

For those that lack the acumen for web design & development, there is a list of B2B cannabis companies that can help you set up your e-commerce shop.

This is where CBX e-commerce that can be fully integrated with various platforms comes in, with its full-featured marketing software that’s designed to make it easy for dispensaries to turn their websites into an e-commerce marketplace allowing customers to browse search-engine friendly menus, choose between pickup or delivery, and even categorize & save their favorite product.

Our e-commerce platform also allows cannabis brand, cultivators, distributors & wholesalers to setup their shop and sell to dispensaries & retailers where dispensaries are able to browse & shop multiple brands all in one convenient cart. Our interactive and user friendly dashboard showcasing your orders, sales, buyers, generated leads, products, coupons and more.

CBX Offers Free Integration of your Existing E-Commerce Store to our Platform.

Find out how we can help you boost your sales & expand your network with our advanced B2B & B2C platform