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Join the fastest growing Cannabis business directory. Boost your online presence, promote your products/services, and get new leads.


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Open your online store and start selling wholesale or direct-to-consumer on the Cannabis exclusive B2B / B2C E-commerce platform.


Cannabis Brand Directory

Cannabis Brands, Growers & Producers

Join us to get access to a large B2B portal of licensed retailers, dispensaries & buyers.
  • Promote your brand & products.
  • Boost your sales & expand your marketplace reach in US, Canada & Worldwide.
  • Network with other cannabis businesses.
  • Sell online all in one managed cart (Coming Soon).
  • Manage your leads, messages & company page statistics all in one easy to manage control panel.
  • Gain online visibility.
  • Locate Retailers & Dispensaries.
  • Find services.
Dispensary Directory

Cannabis Retailers & Dispensaries

Join us & access a large B2B portal of licensed brands, growers, distributors, wholesalers & producers in the industry:
  • Promote your business.
  • Boost your sales & expand your marketplace reach in US, Canada & Worldwide
  • Network with other cannabis businesses.
  • Buy online from multiple brands all in one cart (Coming Soon).
  • Gain online visibility & credibility with your buyers.
  • Connect with service providers.
  • Manage your customers & leads.
Cannabis Service Providers

Cannabis Business Service Providers

Service providers, join CBX B2B portal & be found by brands, retailers & other marijuana business owners.
  • Gain online visibility & credibility.
  • Network & expand your reach in US, Canada & Worldwide.
  • Promote your company.
  • Boost your revenue.
  • Get paid online for your services (Coming Soon).
  • Over 100 subcategories to list your services.
  • Individual service providers can get listed.
  • Doctors & consultants listings.

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Cannabis Ancillary Wholesale

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Cannabis Ancillary Non-Infused Wholesale
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Ancillary Service Providers

Ancillary Products

Apparel & Lifestyle Brands

Flower Growers & Cultivators

Cannabis Distributors

CBD Distributors

Infused Cannabis Products

Retailers & Dispensaries

Smoking Accessories & Gadgets

Vaporizer Brands

Marijuana Real Estate Directory

Brands, Producers, Growers & Distributors

Add your business to boost sales, be found by retailers, expand your network, gain credibility with retailers & consumers & market your brand & products.

Retailers, Dispensaries & Service Providers

List your business to expand your network or offer your services to cannabis businesses, gain credibility with brands & consumers & market your business.


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Cannabis Job Listing
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Cannabis Conventions, Expos & Trade Show Listing
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About CBX

Cannabis Business Exchange (CBX) is a vertically oriented digital company offering the Cannabis Industry, where Marijuana is licensed and legal, with our cost-effective premium digital solutions that boost online presence, facilitate networking and maximize sales.

Cannabis Brands, Service Providers, Cultivators, Dispensaries, Retailers and related activities will benefit the most from CBX digital services: CBX Real Estate, CBX Directory, CBX Domains, and CBX Marketplace.

CBX mission is to become a key player in empowering and supporting the Marijuana industry "community" to grow faster, expand farther and provide better services to the people around the world who would benefit the most.


The use of CannabisBX website is intended for licensed cannabis businesses worldwide in jurisdictions where cannabis is legal. The purpose of CBX is for cannabis related businesses such as brands, growers, distributors, wholesalers, dispensaries, retailers, and service providers to list, promote, buy, and sell their products or services within their network on our platform. READ MORE

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